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Why Vung Tau?

Vung Tau is an ideal gateway to escape from the hustle and bustle city or a perfect choice for living in a long-term, even for retirement. 

No surprise because this coastal city is like a gift of nature thanks to its location. It has nice and calm beaches, comfortable streets, modern but easy lifestyle. Moreover, Vung Tau is so close to Ho Chi Minh City, you can travel there by shuttle bus in 2 hours. How convenient it is! 

Living in Vung Tau means you can enjoy the slow pace of living in the daytime and still rock your life when the sun goes down. So, Vung Tau has the best of both worlds for expatriates wishing to settle there.

Cost of Living In Vung Tau

Vung Tau cost living is one of the most important things that every expat thinks about before making the mind to settle down here. Discover the living standard in this coastal city by this hands-on information, including but not limited:

  • Renting fees
  • Health care issues
  • Food & Drinks
  • Entertainment
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Hoa Nguyen

A  warm greeting

Hellooo!!! I'm Hoa - a local in Vung Tau city. I'm working as a freelancer with the background of Marketing & E-commerce.

The reason I make this website is to share the beautiful and useful real things in this coastal city. Vung Tau is my big love; it not only an excellent destination to travel but also a perfect place to live, for me and everyone.

Hope this website can help you a lot when living in Vung Tau. If you need to find any information that hasn't been listed on my web, please feel free to contact me.

All questions are welcome 😀 My pleasure!

Crucial things you must know when living in Vung Tau


Where to live

How to find a suitable apartment within budget? Where should an expat live in Vung Tau? Find out the answer for all issues about Vung Tau long-term rental here.


How to find a job

Finding a good job is the top priority when living in Vung Tau.   It's possible to find the expats or teaching jobs in Vung Tau by the information and tips here.


Where to shop

Shopping is the daily needs of everyone when living in Vung Tau. You can shop like a local for everything from food to equipment when following our tips.

Welcome To The City

Latest Posts

You can find in this website all things you are looking for or concerning when living in Vung Tau from the big issues like housing rental, job seeking to the daily questions such as shopping, pet caring, etc.

In case you haven't had any experience in renting a house in Vung Tau, this website can help you out by giving you the useful information about the type of house you should choose and areas you should live. Most expats think apartments for rent in Vung Tau could be the most suitable for them because of the amenities and budget. Besides, living in the area surrounding by the other expats is always better for you. You will be a part of the expat community in Vung Tau, so it's so beautiful to get good advice and recommendations when staying there, such as the international hospital for expats in Vung Tau, international health insurance in Vung Tau, where to extend Vietnam visa in Vung Tau city. It's also a great chance to make friends and fulfill your life with lovely memories.

If you are worried about setting up a business or landing a new job, it's good to know that there are lots of expat jobs in Vung Tau for you to consider. You can easily find the teaching jobs in English center or international schools as long as you have the teaching certificates or related previous experience. For other kinds of career, it's better to do a small research on the Vietnamese job portal.

Are you ready to live in Vung Tau? No more hesitations, let's us help you!