A brief cost of living in Vung Tau, Vietnam for expats

Vietnam is a country with a relatively low living standard. Living expenses including eating, drinking, entertainment, and groceries do not cost much. Especially, the living standard in Vung Tau is lower than other big cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, etc. This article will provide you with useful information about the cost of living in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
The cost of living is a question often asked before moving to another place | Source: Shutterstock

To give you the idea, the following is a list of prices of food, drinks, renting, transportation, groceries, entertainment, childcare, insurance, etc in Vung Tau. However, living cost depends on the demands and lifestyle of each person. Therefore this article is for general reference only.

Cost of Renting fees

The cost of renting a house or apartment in Vung Tau is cheap or expensive depending on your demands. For the expats, you can find out the rental information from some websites or Facebook. They will provide information including rental costs as well as information about apartments need to be rent.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Renting apartments in Vung Tau is a trend for current expats | Source: Shutterstock

For those who want to stay in the city center, a 1-bedroom apartment will have a price range from $150 – $300. For larger apartments, with 3 bedrooms will cost $400 – $1800. If you want to save on rent, you can hire apartments outside the city at rates ranging from $140 – $250 for 1 bedroom, and $250 – $600 for 3 bedrooms.

Rental apartments will provide you with basic furniture such as beds, tables, etc. But do not include internet fees, management fees, and parking fees. Moreover, the minimum length of contract for renting is at least from 6 months to 1 year.

Cost of Utility

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Utility fees in Vung Tau are not too expensive | Source: Shutterstock

The electricity in Vietnam is from 3000 – 4500 VND/KW. For monthly paying, the basic fee for Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage is from $15 – $30.

Cost of Transportation

According to my experience, if you intend to stay here for a long time, you should rent a motorbike for easy travel and minimize the cost of living in Vung Tau. Motorbike rental fees will cost from $40 – $50 per month. Gasoline price in Vietnam is quite cheap, about $1/liter.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Renting motorbikes is the best way to get around and save money | Source: Shutterstock

In addition, the taxi service in Vietnam is not too expensive, about $0.5/Km, but depending on the distance as well as the time of booking. You can use Grab, Mai Linh or Vinasun phone apps.

Moreover, Vung Tau city is located near Ho Chi Minh city, so local people especially young people often take buses to Ho Chi Minh during weekends. You can refer to public buses or vans such as Hoa Mai, Toan Thang, Mai Linh, etc for a ticket price from $4.

But if you want to save time, you can choose to travel by hydrofoils such as Greenlines or Petro Express trains with prices ranging from $6 – $13.

Cost of Food and Drinks

In personal opinion, to save on living expenses, the best way to save money is to cook at home. The prices in Vung Tau for a homemade meal takes only $2 – $4 per person and sometimes enough for you to eat all day.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Cooking at home saves a lot of money, but street food in Vung Tau is also cheap | Source: Shutterstock

Price of food in Vung Tau is also not too expensive, if you eat at the roadside restaurants it will take about $3 – $5 per person, and in the luxury restaurants will range from $5 – $10 for 1 pax depends on what kind of food you want to have. So, if you want to save money on eating, cooking at home is the best way.

In addition, Vietnam is a country famous for its delicious coffee. So it is not too hard to find a good coffee on sidewalk coffee shops at a price just almost $1.

Cost of Entertainment

Vung Tau is famous for its beautiful beaches, with many street bars or coffee shops nearby the beaches.

If you’re bored of wandering around the city, you can drive a motorbike to these beautiful landscapes in Vung Tau such as Ho May, Marina Vung Tau, Vong Nguyet Beach, Suoi Tien, Tho Trang park, etc.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Beautiful scene in Suoi Tien, Vung Tau | Source: Vntrip

These are completely free locations, you only have to pay the cost of parking and gasoline. Sounds good?

Moreover, there are a lot of commercial centers in Vung Tau such as Lotte Mart, Lam Son Square, Night Market, Imperial Plaza Shopping Center are also good locations to have fun during weekends. These malls have food court, entertaining area for kids as well and it usually charges from $4 – $10 per person.

Cost of Insurance

Insurance is a must for expats when living and working abroad. In Vietnam, foreign visitors can buy Vietnam Travel Insurance package from Prudential, Bao Viet, Manulife, AIA, etc.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Bao Viet is the 7th largest insurance company in Vietnam | Source: Senviet.art

For example, Bao Viet is one of the biggest insurance companies in Vietnam. If you are in good health and do not smoke, you can find a mid-range health insurance program that costs between $330 and $680 per year depending on your requirements.

Cost of Grocery

To buy essential items in Vung Tau, you can buy them in local markets such as Vung Tau market, Xom Luoi market, Thang Nhat market, Mega Market, etc. Below is a table of average cost lists for each type of food and drink when purchased at the local market.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
There are many local markets that you can get fresh vegetables and food in Vung Tau | Source: Shutterstock
   Type of Food or Drink           Unit (Kg/Gr/L/…)             Price (USD)
                 Milk                   1 L                   1.5
                 Rice                   1 Kg                   0.7
                 Eggs                 1 Dozen                   1.1
                Bread                  0.5 Kg                   0.5
               Cheese                   1 Kg                   11
        Chicken breasts                   1 Kg                    3
           Beef Round                   1 Kg                   13
                Apple                   1 Kg                    2
              Banana                   1 Kg                   0.7
              Orange                   1 Kg                   1.3
              Lettuce                 1 Head                   0.5
               Onion                   1 Kg                   0.9
               Potato                   1 Kg                   0.9
              Water                   1.5 L                   0.3
   Cigarettes (Marlboro)                20 Pack                    1

Descriptive tables refer to data from Numbeo.com

Cost of Petcare

There are many pet stores and animal hospitals in Vung Tau such as Petcare Animal Hospital, Trung Hoa animal clinic, Vung Tau Pet Care, etc. In addition, the prices in Vung Tau for the cost of buying animal food, medicines, clothes, cages at a cost from $2 – $20 for each type, service of medical and care for pets also have a good price.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
Pet clinics in Vung Tau are of good quality and reasonable prices | Source: Shutterstock

For pet spa services, prices will be from $10 – $30. The cost of the medical test, surgery, vaccination for pets will cost between $10 – $100.

Cost of Sports and Leisure

The cost of living in Vung Tau for good quality Gym Clubs including Gym UPF, Thanh Hai Gym Sport & Fitness, Xuan Hoa Body Fitness – Gym Sport, Kingsport Fitness, etc.

cost of living in Vung Tau Vietnam
UPF Gym in Vung Tau | Source: Toplist.vn

The cost of the Fitness club for each month will be from $20 – $40. Most gyms will let you train for free with the Personal Trainer for 3 days. In addition, you can also find other low-cost gyms with prices from $8 – $15 per month.

Moreover, you can rent a tennis court at a cheap price from $3 – $5 for 1 hour in Vung Tau.

Vung Tau cost living is not too expensive. For each expat, living fee here for 1 month only costs about $500 – $600. This is a good living price and you can save a lot of money.

Before coming to live and work at a certain place, getting to know the information and costs carefully is a necessity. Hopefully, this article can help you consult and understand well about the living standard and the cost of living in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

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