All you need to know about Vietnam visa extension and renewal

vietnam visa extension and renewal

For those who wish to extend your duration permission to continue staying in Vietnam, it is vitally important to get a Vietnam visa extension or renewal before the visa expiration. So, what is the difference between visa extension and renewal? When should you get your visa extended or visa renewed? Check out this article to … Read more

The Beauty Of Vietnamese Culture In Expats Eyes

the beauty of vietnamese culture

The beauty of Vietnamese culture may be still mysterious and unknown to foreigners. Nowadays, more and more people over the world are going to Vietnam for traveling and doing business. Rich in history and traditions, tourists are not only attracted by scenic spots but also by interesting Vietnamese culture. Let’s explore some traditional culture, important … Read more

Guide To Buy Ingredients For Western Cuisine In Vung Tau

buy ingredients for western cuisine in Vung Tau

Don’t you just hate it when you’re feeling gutsy and determined to whip up an exotic cuisine to impress your date but you don’t know where to buy the very important western ingredient you need for that ambitious dish? Offering everything from cheese and bratwurst, these groceries will help you buy ingredients for western cuisine … Read more